1881 Club


This place is right near my house, and in two and half years I've never had the balls to walk in there. Well I dragged some reinforcements with me and took the plunge today. All I can say is, I'm glad I did. Although there are NO SMOKING signs all over the place, everybody is smoking. There's a back room with a pool table, there's those "pay per game" electronic dartboards that are almost certainly busted, and the old style 12 foot wide satellite dish was pulling in some classic NASCAR action on TNT or TNN or something on a projection tv.

The patrons (at 6 pm on a Saturday) were your desirable mish mash of locals...skinny, pale chain smoking chicks playing video poker, a couple of vets from the Nam downing cheeseburgers and cheese sticks, and some regulars wearing actual 1881 Club t-shirts.

On tap? Nothing but Bud. I had a Foster's oilcan. That plus a Coke for the little lady (I was afraid she'd get her ass kicked for ordering white wine or a premium brand of liquor) set us back $5 and change. Perfect.

Wood paneling and the usual assortment of motley wall decorations, including an enormous "DALE 8/Budweiser" neon sign (inside), no a/c - just ceiling fans - and "The Beer Prayer." Again - perfect.

We'll be back.

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