Slightly after 3:00 am i stood in front of the Feuermelder. Attached to the door is a sign stating geoffnet: Ma-Sa ab 15:00, Sontag ab 13:00. Is this a joke? Or is there a thruth to it. Intrigued, i opened the sequential doors and entered. All patrons turned around instantly and stared at me. Determined, i found a place at the bar ready to order. No barman. The guy next to me was doing a deep throat investigation of the girl next to him. Get a room! A barman entered, short haired, well trained figure. I got completely ignored. And he was off again.

The wall behind the bar looks like a shrine. Close to the ceiling a row of roses is attached to the wall with a supplementary row of skull and bones. The shelves almost contain more skulls then glasses. Some skeletons on the wall, and an occassional maria statue. You know the deal. Two large anarchist stars with lights hang in the bar on the walls. The panels underneath the counter consist of the front of old fruit gambling machines; also with lights. In the back of the bar there is a pool table.

Other barman entered, same type, got ignored again, and he was off. All eyes followed the barman. After that everybody was looking at everybody. The atmosphere was tense. Did i enter the wrong bar? I turned around to look at the patrons. Really a mixture of styles. Some hard core with lots of tatoos, others elegantly dressed. So definitely the right bar. Both barmen entered fiercely debating, one clearly being aggressive. Someone got served. I was ignored again. This was repeated for some minutes more. Both barmen started washing glasses franticly. Someone got served again. I had decided to play it cool. The elbow placed on the bar, the hand underneath the chin, looking a bit bored at both barmen. At times, they would give me a glimps, just to ignore me again. Completely, absorbed in their conversation. I overheard some bits and pieces: "not in 20 years did ever someone treat me like this", the first barman said to the other one clearly agitated. Than a guy appreared from the back of the bar. Very aggressive looks from both barmen. Everbody again on full alert. Was this going to be a fight? I found myself in the middle, as the guy positioned himself behind me. The barmen were standing behind the counter in front of me. Not really comfortable, but i was ready for the fight. Eventually the guy left, and i finally grapped my chance to order a first beer. 20 minutes had past, since i entered the bar.

So what really happened? The guy was low on cash, and brought his own beer to the bar. The instant the barman responded to this, he started badmouthing back. That was all. Not much of a story really. After my first beer the atmosphere got much better. Both barmen actually served new beers quite quickly. We even had a chat. The hardcore music was starting to sound really good. This time i was drinking Krombacher. Nice beer, but I took a Flensburger for comparison, and the latter won again hands down. The nice thing in Berlin is that if you order a beer, you get a half liter. So after a few liters I was taking a leak. Surprisingly, the toilet was nicely renovated. Luckily someone did smash a beer bottle on the ground, and my feet got stuck in the sticky filth of the floor. There was a voice in the toilet. looked like someone was reading a story; probably some art project. Back at the bar, the barmen sprayed some vinagar cleaning material on the tap. Really bad smelling, and hurting my nose. Everyone started smoking, but i got out. It was 5:00 am Sunday morning, and i was on a mission.

The next destination was Habermayer on Gärtnerstrasse 6, just around the corner. This bar is supposedly open till late. When I passed it was closed. It did not looked like it was even open at all today. So unfortunately, I cannot judge this bar. If anyone else knows something about Habermayer, let us know.

The Feuermelder i visited as part of a two day bar trip to Berlin. Before the Feuermelder I was here: http://www.sleazybars.com/content/am-pm The day before I was here http://www.sleazybars.com/content/paules-metal-eck-0 and here http://www.sleazybars.com/content/raw

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