Lee's 4 Cocktails


Lee's 4 Cocktails is truly a sleazy Bar. The decor as you walk in takes you back to 1974. The walls are covered with imtation plastic wood paneling for that sleazy feel.
The carpet, probably original, is not a place you'de want to pass out on from drinking to many of your favorite cocktails as it is stained with memorys of good times passed. Lee's, like any good sleazy bar, has all the regular games from darts to Golden tee gulf.
If video poker is your bag, they have that too. The restroom is where lee's truly shines. It's facilities are so old you can almost smell the first person who used them oh so many years ago. Piss stained restroom floors add a caliante vibe you'd be hard pressed to find at any respectable watering hole.
Like the decor of Lee's, the folks who frequent the joint, are a throw back to 1974 as well. Everyone from young to old attends Lee's. There are more toothless wonders roaming Lee's then at the infield of a monster truck rally. The Bartenders are experianced watering hole warriors who's time has passed. Their brawling spirit is truly the heart of Lee's. They dish out the drinks and dump out the ashtrays with true vigor.
Think your a Mean drunk? Wait till you meet on of them. They'll cut you down to size in no time. Not mention they'll remove your liver and dump booze directly on it and return it to you worse then before. yea, the drinks are strong at Lee's and so are the drunks. So if your ever in the neighborhood drop on by for a drink.

Lee's 4 cocktails...truly heaven on earth.

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