Paule's Metal Eck

Paule's Metal Eck

From the outside this heavy metal bar kind of looks intimidating. I opened the door ready to meet some real hard rockers, and some loud music. Little of that really. This crowd is mixed, consisting of a lot of foreignors. In between, I encountered some local rockers and some alternative punkers. The interior is dark, some weird sculptures on the walls, a pool table, and a table for the regulars. Found my way to the bar, sat down, and started my quest for beers. They have their fair choice. So little later liters of Becks, Flensburger, and Hasseroeder flowed down my throat. Flensburger won, hands down, I liked both the draft and the bottle 33cl with porelain cap (just like Grolsch).

Anyway, the music is definitely metal, it's unfortunately a MTV loop. Several TV's showed a pletaphora of old metal. The volume however, was way too low. Not really what I was expecting from a metal ecke. So is this bar really sleazy. Does it deserve a position and recommendation on this site?

Before I go into my assessment, allow me to explain the following. How did I end up here at 1:00 am on a Saturday morning all by myself, feeling kind of sleazy myself.

This story begins kind of lame. I had to go for work to Berlin, and thought I stick around for the weekend. Here I was on a Friday evening and night lying exhausted on a bed in a lonely hotel room. As the hours progressed, going in and out of sleep with the lights on, the guilt started growing and growing. Being part of inevitably leads to a great responsibility. For the first time in Berlin, and not coming back with several sleazy bars for this site would not sit well with Siem, Pete, let alone myself. So I raised from the dead shortly after 00:00. Overcame my fears of a rough night ahead, and with eyes red shot, hit the streets. I had made a quick assessment with the aide of local advice. And set the target on Warschau strasse, Friedrichshain.

The crowd in the U-bahn already proved I was on the right track. Each stop would bring more young people, all with beer bottles in their hands. The U-bahn was dragging me deeper into the nightlife. No escaping now. It is funny going out on your own. You never know if you get extremely bored or have the time of your life.
At Warschau strasse the crowd with booze in their hands swelled. Definitely the right neighborhood. But most were already going home, while I was going in. After a few hundred meters, I heard a band playing, nicely thumping rock. They were playing in an overpass of the railway station, where during the day flowers are sold. Yeah, this looks like the raw atmosphere I missed for a long time. Minutes later I entered the Simon Dach strasse. True this street is full of bars, but most really lame. Hence my pick for Paule's Metal Eck.

Last Saturday morning, I left the place at 4:30 am. By that time the bar was still booming. I am told Paule's Metal Eck is often open when other bars are already closed, ending as early as 8 or 9 am. There was definite a curtain of smoke inside. But most of all someone found it lucrative to steal my U-bahn 48 hour card. If it attracts such a loser, I guess I call it sleazy, although Paul i do have some pointers to increase the sleaze factor. Would be cool to know the opinion of some Berlin residents on this bar.

Here is where my quest brought me after leaving this metal eck:

The second night of my two day bar quest, i passed this bar after 5:00 am Sunday morning. Other bars were indeed already closed, but Paule's Metal Eck was still booming. On this second night i was here and here

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