This is not a review of a single bar, but more of an area I stumbled upon. The Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk (RAW) is the old repair terrain for the trains during the DDR reign. The area contains numerous run down buildings, and is completely covered by grafiti. No worry here if you shout your lungs out. Or try a bit of frustrated beer bottle smashing. The area is dark at night, feels like a maze, and holds a fair amount of the underground clubbing scene. This is indeed the raw feel of a punked-out squatter place.

So here I was, boozed up on several liters of German beers, and happy. I just left Paule's Metal Eck (http://www.sleazybars.com/content/paules-metal-eck-0). This RAW area struck me with complete pleasure. A punky Sleazy Bars Experts delight. The heavy metal or hard core in my head was far better than Paule'ses. Sorry mate, but it's the honest truth. So let me enlighten you what is out there on RAW.

First you have the RAW Temple (http://www.raw-tempel.de). Loud heavy techno reached my ears through the walls. A waiting line of people still out there at around 4:45 am, prevented me from going in. The crowd looked really mixed again. Judging from the line, this place will go on till the early morning hours.
The second is Cassiopeia (http://www.cassiopeia-berlin.de). A two storey club. if I understood well one of the buildings close by has a large skater's ramp inside!! Outside there is a beer garden. This must be wonderful in the summer, as even now with minus 1 Celsius people were sitting outside. Seems again like a very mixed crowd. Had a long talk with this cool bouncer. Promote sleazybars.com! He told me Cassiopeia runs till around sevenish am. He also told me some bars in Berlin stay open 24/23 hours. But where are they? Come on you Berlin residents, what are you hiding from us? This should be common wisdom!

Further up the RAW area I ran into the Astra (http://www.astra-berlin.de), but it was closed already around 5:00 am. This is some kind of Culture house I guess. But the really really sleazy one must be the Suicide Circus. I was just too waisted to go in. From what I picked up this is not what you call a high end club. Probably the Watergate at Falckensteinstr. belongs to this category. No the Suicide Circus from what I've heard can stay open untill noon, and is far from pretentious.

So considering I really had to find a bed after 5:00 am, I did not enter any of these dives. Friedrichshain should hold much much more sleazy stuff. A bit difficult for a short timer to grasp everything here. So Berlin experts do tell me if my nose is right that this is the actual place to be!?

On my second night of my two day Berlin bar trip, I passed the Astra and Suicide Circus. It was around 5:30 am, and the Astra was open. The Suicide Circus was booming as well. On the second night i was here http://www.sleazybars.com/content/am-pm and here http://www.sleazybars.com/content/feuermelder

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